Born in Appalachia with a love for the mountains, nature and a touch of wanderlust. Lisa. R is for Renee. Marshall.

Photo of Lisa by family

Where does one even begin to tell who they are, where they come from and what their life path has been? Surely there’s a book here, but let’s keep it simple. Here, I’ll share the simplistic story about me.

I was born in the Appalachian region of the state of West Virginia. Now, before I go any further, just to be clear, this is a different state than Virginia. You see, I’ve traveled a bit and people nine times…

It’s late summer in Appalachia, where these plants are in bloom

Photo by Michael Barrick on Unsplash

It’s one of my favorite times of the year, when the seasons of late summer and autumn become intertwined. The field just on the other side of the tiny stream has an array of colors in late summer. From goldenrod, Joe Pye, red clover, Queen Anne’s Lace to ironweed, there are still blossoms for the bees to feed. Butterflies flit to-and-fro. With the cooler nights yet significantly warm days, the aroma of autumn is near. These are a few wild plants I found while meandering recently through the meadow.

Red Clover

Standing on the Hawaiian shore asking permission to connect with nature

Photo by Hari Nandakumar on Unsplash

It was around the winter of 2004. Somewhere on a beach near Hilo, Hawai’i, the day was ideal. The kind of bright blue sky that makes you feel happy was in the midst. Sunshine was casting light upon my face. The aroma of sapphire, salt water was wafting in the gentle breeze.

It had been months of immersing myself in island living to heal through an emotionally, distressful life experience. Through this time I was participating in an ecopsychology course which led to various nature centered healing moments. …

Finding clean nutritional supplements is important before buying

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

Let’s face it, most of the modern foods that are currently available to many of us are lacking in essential nutrients. From depleted soil, pesticides causing a lack of friendly microbes and dare I say it, genetically modified foods. Our food just isn’t as optimal as it once was. We can consciously choose to seek out the most beneficial, organically, naturally grown foods, but is that truly enough? As much as I wish it were, in many cases, it’s just not. …

Begin the new school year healthfully and with less stress

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

It’s nearly the time when students in many parts of the world head back to a classroom. It’s somewhat of a ritual in North America to see parents rushing to buy new back to school clothes, shoes and supplies. The kids are a bit excited about their back to school attire and such, while many feel the stress of change. The back to school culture can put a lot of pressure on parents and children.

This year, perhaps even more than previous ones, has brought with it an elevation of…

Musings of a tiny house dweller

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

So, here we go again. A hater reported us for tiny house living. Oh, we know who it is or at least have a very good idea. This isn’t the first time we’ve been through this, but it is the first in this location. We had our tiny house on wheels in another place. From the beginning of the tiny house arrival, we were getting visitors from that town. There was a violation posted against the property because of the tiny house being there. After attempts to make amends and months of frustration, we…

A personal story about leaving my motherland and returning

Photo by Elaine Tu on Unsplash

Sometimes life has a way of coaxing you into change. A change that removes you from your comfort zone and all you’ve known. This is a part of my story. A segment of a long one in which I’ve never put wholly into written words for public eyes to see. Sitting here typing I utter within, “let these words be medicine to the wounds of myself and others”.

It was autumn, nearly two decades ago when I went through a life changing event. I’d lived in the ancient hills for an…

Some people have vivid, meaningful nighttime dreams

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

As a young girl I became more intrigued with night dreams after one personal experience. My Grandparent had passed away after being in hospital for some time. The night before the funeral services while lying in bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened to us after we die. More specifically, what would happen to my Grandfather? Was there a heaven and hell or was there something else that happened to us? If so, which was he going to after he left this Earth plane? …

How to make modern cold brew coffee the traditional way

Photo by Ivy Aralia Nizar on Unsplash

Coffee. It’s the morning buzz around the globe. Now, I’ll be straight. Never have I understood the coffee culture. Actually, I didn’t even enjoy coffee at all. The aroma would always entice me, but never did I become a coffee aficionado. On the couple occasions I did have a sip, it sent a bitter shiver down my spine and left a nasty taste in the mouth. Adding a plethora of sweetener and milk might have warmed me to the idea, but there just wasn’t a desire for it. …

Photo by Caspian Dahlström on Unsplash

Breathing in your earthy aromas as they awaken the depths within me. I long to feel you naked beneath my bare feet. Damp, soft, cool, sensual as a lover caressing me gently, lovingly and reverently. I long for you. Long to feel the very depths of you which I am part. Your breath it seizes mine.

Your lush fullness and curves, how they remind me to honor those that are my own body. You awaken, excite, absolutely arouse me. Just like a lover who yearns to be with the other and breathe together rhythmically.

Let me touch your soft, lush…

Lisa R Marshall

wellness practitioner, natural living passionista, alchemist, plant whisperer, writer, sayer

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