Born in Appalachia with a love for the mountains, nature and a touch of wanderlust. Lisa. R is for Renee. Marshall.

Where does one even begin to tell who they are, where they come from and what their life path has been? Surely there’s a book here, but let’s keep it simple. Here, I’ll share the simplistic story about me.

I was born in the Appalachian region of the state of West Virginia. Now, before I go any further, just to be clear, this is a different state than Virginia. You see, I’ve traveled a bit and people nine times…

For most of us it isn’t about the things we accumulate

Some days the social media memories pop up and it causes contemplation. Today was one. It was something that I felt intuitively nudged to share six years ago. Sitting here with a steady rain falling, vibrant outdoor greenery as my view, fresh air wafting through, I felt compelled to write about that reflection a little more.

Have you ever asked yourself what really matters in life? Not just extensive belongings, a university degree, passing some test to attempt to prove to yourself or others that you’re intelligent, nor the…

Having skin ailments on the face are practically impossible to hide

As someone who nearly always had clear skin, the issue began out of nowhere. First it was a dry spot on one nostril. I noticed a tiny little patch one day and started to apply some natural oil or lotion thinking it was a mere bit of dryness. This continued for a year or so.

After that year, a red rash formed on my forehead, chin and inner cheeks near the nose. Sometimes it itched. Sometimes not. There was heat to the touch and I could feel my face flushing at times. This was all new. I’d helped clients with…

Having a tiny house on wheels moved to a new location and set up for living

We nestled near the trees and began our tiny house lifestyle about a year ago. The house was initially delivered to us from Colorado by the company that built it to upstate New York. For those of you who might not know what a tiny house on wheels is, it’s designed on a trailer with all the modern conveniences of a home. Well, there are some people who opt for a more minimalist, off grid design too. Really it all depends on the persons…

A home is defined as a place you live, but what is home to you?

When writing prompts come up daily or weekly, I’ll usually have a look at them. If a specific one lingers in my thoughts for more than a moment, I know that’s one to go deeper into and write with it. Dennett of Weeds and Wildflowers shared the prompt recently “What is home to you”? Home. Home. Home. I kept reflecting on that word again and again.

While sitting here with a cup of herb tea, to begin sharing personal thoughts and feelings around the topic…

Living the Gentle Life can be a comforting path for bringing you to a state of balance while healing through trauma and stress.

So many people have openly shared their stories with me over the years. Too often these personal experiences include tremendous trauma of multiple sorts. Trauma can be emotional, physical, psychological and further. I read a post this morning on Facebook that said not to compare one persons trauma to another. Each individual living through anything that registers in their body and psyche as a trauma, impacts them in a significant way.

“The attempt to escape from pain…

Travel. USA. New York. Guide.

Health, Art and the Outdoors in and around the Hudson Valley, New York

Over the last few years, I’ve had the opportunity to spend time in and around Hudson Valley, New York. Being within an hour of New York City, the Hudson Valley is a sought-after area for those seeking to escape weekends from the city and beyond. Upstate New York is a mecca for the epicurean, health-conscious artist, photographer, explorer, and outdoor adventurer. The following are some favorite, personally chosen venues to consider upon a sojourn to the Hudson Valley, New York region.

1. Sugar Loaf

The quaint hamlet of Sugar Loaf includes a community of artisans, boutiques, an herbal apothecary, and dining. The walkable…

Virginia Creeper, also known as American ivy or woodbine, is often confused with poison ivy and American ginseng. This woody vine is actually in the grape family.

Being a plant whisperer, I enjoy spending time wandering in the outdoors and learning about the flora of places. Particularly, I have a tendency to be attracted to medicinal and edible wild plants.

A few years ago while spending time at my significant other’s home, I would meander through the yard with my near bare feet. One day in midsummer, there appeared a red, blistering, itchy rash on my ankles and toes initially…

From moment to moment we have opportunities to design, create and integrate new pieces into the tapestry of our life.

Walking through that city, feeling so much of what was unfolding in my personal life, suddenly there was a blank billboard staring me in the face. Pure white, it was. The surrounding noise and traffic suddenly seemed to be hushed, as I stood there gazing at the nothingness.

In that moment the following surfaced into my consciousness. “Life is a blank canvas, so what will you create”? The bare billboard was indicating that now was an opportunity for a fresh, new start. Would I seize the chance?

Like a painted canvas, a cloth tapestry is a work of art. The…

Energy, qi, chi, prana. They are all names for the vital life force that permeates all things.

As a highly sensitive person, I’ve always felt a strong sense of energy from people, places, animals, things and within myself. Likely one of the reasons I’ve had such an innate attraction to nature since childhood. The resonance there was clear. Not always has it been an easy journey to live in a physical body that feels things so strongly. A life long lesson to learn how to integrate what some would consider as a gift, has been significant.

In the coming weeks I’ll be celebrating having lived five decades on Earth. Growing as a person over time in life…

Lisa R Marshall

wellness practitioner, natural living passionista, alchemist, plant whisperer, writer, sayer

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