Just this week I was reprimanded while in a plant shop for calling someone "him". To make a quite long story short, I have some visual impairment and could only see a person with long hair, something that appeared to be an earring a nd a physical body shape that was a combination of male/female. I heard a very male voice and said "him". Moments later that person who was cashing me out said to not ever call them "he or him". They went on to explain that they had 18 months of estrogen treatments, but their voice hadn't changed yet though much else had. It was a unexpected confrontational moment that left me considering many inner question as well as other things. Reading your piece here on tolerance brought that event to my thoughts as I discussed with this individual having compassion for each of our situations. I truly meant absolutely nothing by calling her "him", but given an array of factors it was needless to say quite unexpected.

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